22 Jun 2016

HM Conference - on 25-06-2016 at BRC Manjeshwar

HM Conference will be held on 25-06-2016 at BRC as per the Schedule given below
                                DATE : 25-06-2016 -  SATURDAY
                    Conference Starts at  10 am
Discussion Points
1 Academic Review based on School visit during June 2016.
2 Activities of SSA during June 2016 and Planning of future activities 
3 Class on SAMPOORNA by IT@School
4 Smart Energy Programme – Information by Sri Prashanth
5 Official Informations.

NB: HMs are directed to Submit the following to AEO Office on 25-06-2016 ( Ignore if already submitted)
# NMP Beneficiary List to NMO.
# Fitness Certificate to E Section.
# Staff Fixation proposal to B,C,D Sections.
# Uniform indent to E Section ( Aided Schools)

NB: Annual meeting of Manjeshwara Sub District Bharath Scout and Guids will be held at AEO office on 24-06-2016 / 2pm. Pls depute the concerned teachers.

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