27 Sep 2016

UDISE Day, 30th September
Get ready to celebrate......

One day HM Training on 30/09/2016 at 10.00 a.m,GLPS Mulinja
Block Panchayath President Sri.A K M Asharaf 
will Inaugurate the Celebration.
Presided over by Sri.Shahul Hameed (President ,Mangalpady Grama Panchayath)

In the presence of  Sri.Sreenivasa.K(APO, RMSA Kasaragod), Sri. Nandikeshan.N(AEO Manjeshwar) , Dr. Raghuram Bhat(DIET faculty), Sri. Vijaya Kumar .P(BPO BRC Manjeshwar)

All LP,UP,HS,HSS,VHSS HM/Principals, MGLC Instructors must attend on time...
Better Planning.. Better Education.. Better India
You give us the data : we will plan for your School
Read carefully... Fill carefully...

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